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July 2023

This video summarizes our first month with the collaborative robots in our lab. This month was dedicated to learning the basics of how to operate the robots safely and effectively. The team began with manually jogging (moving) the robot with the integrated joystick and then moved on to generating designs and the relevant information in Rhino/Grasshopper. This information is read and then run on the robot through the use of COMPAS RRC, a method of robotic communication through the use of the programming language, Python. Through the use of COMPAS RRC, the team was able to use the robot to draw images, stack blocks into a tower or a wall, and move the robots simultaneously with one piece of code.

Music Credits: "Let's Create" by Infraction and OddVision Media, Music promoted by Inaudio:

Robotic String Art
March 2024

Using a free online tool that converts images into a list of pin numbers for string art, Thelma and Adonis worked together to create Thelma’s self portrait. The process starts with the string art generator, moves to Grasshopper to generate the robot frames, and finally movement instructions are sent to Thelma with COMPAS_RRC. Next step is to teach Thelma how to use a nail gun!

Link to the String Art Generator tool used:

Music Credits: "New Light" by Infraction and OddVision Media, Music promoted by Inaudio: 

Parametric Hexagon Screen Wall
April 2024

This robotic wall assembly project uses the gripping limitations of a 2 finger parallel gripper as a design feature to create a flow along the wall by following user inputted curves in Rhino. The assembly process dealt with rough parametric 'dry stack' pick positions, re-gripping the piece in a custom built re-positioner for a more precise hold, before placing the piece on the overall wall assembly module. Due to the reach limitations of the robot, the overall wall was split up into 4 smaller modules to fit within the robot's working range. In the next iteration, we will design a mechanical connection between each hexagon piece for a stronger joint!

Music Credits: Call Me by LiQWYD  @liqwyd Music provided by Montage Music

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