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Justin Yan

Research Associate 2019

Justin joined CSALT as Research Associate for the "Sustainable Communities: Food Security, Housing, and Social Interaction" Interdisciplinary Research Cluster with Professors Boyle and Colbert from architecture and our interdisciplinary team across Carleton from biology, geography and environmental studies, engineering, chemistry, psychology, food studies, communications and political science.

His work involved conducting a literature review of current sustainable food production, urban and building design, and social wellness practices in Canada, with a focus on benefiting remote communities.  He worked to define project scope through academic, private, and public sector networking.

Justin was the 2019 winner of the Maxwell Taylor Prize for incorporating building technologies into his master's thesis entitled The Sacrificial Layer: Temporality, Decay and Re-Imaginations of the Rainscreen supervised by Professor Boyle. He was also the 2018 winner of the prestigious American Institute of Architects Top Ten Student Award from the Committee of the Environment.  His research in sustainable materials and prefabricated construction systems were highlighted by the international jury.  See his work online at TOP TEN 2018.

Justin Yan
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