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Jeffrey Erochko

Research Faculty

Professor Erochko conducts design and testing research in building material assemblies with an emphasis on wood and timber and hybrid assemblies of wood/steel and wood/concrete.  He leads the Erochko Research Group whose projects include seismic-resistant systems for timber buildings, passive damping and isolation strategies for retrofits and new design, as well as new and innovative hybrid modelling and simulation testing techniques for structures. Hybrid simulation is a newly emerging testing technique that combines the strengths of analytical modelling and experimental testing to analyze the response of a complete structural system. 

Jeff is a member of the MITACS funded project: Design Development for Prefabricated Building Components using Nano/Microfibrillated Cellulose.  He joins Professor Boyle as part of the Interdisciplinary Sustainable Communities Research Cluster funded through Carleton's Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund in 2019. Jeff is also an innovative educator and runs a YouTube channel called The Civil Professor.

Jeffrey Erochko
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