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Professors Boyle & Hacker receive Mitacs Accelerate grant with Advanced Building Innovation Company

In the fall of 2022 Professors Sheryl Boyle and Jerry Hacker were successful in their application for a Mitacs Accelerate grant which has funded a critical year-long project entitled Reimagining Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) for Housing in the Architectural Design Process. This grant is a partnership with Ottawa's industry leader in automated construction manufacturing in the housing sector, Advanced Building Innovation Company (ABIC). This grant has allowed us to hire Corina Amarioarei, an outstanding student in the Master of Architecture program (thesis year) to examines the software and processes of DfMA in the construction industry and its intersection with traditional architectural design processes. The work aims to identify opportunities in DfMA workflows that can inform new opportunities for the construction and fabrication sectors related to housing as well as new design education ideas.


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