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CSALT is hiring new undergrad Lab Assistants

Carleton's Work Study Program for the 2022-23 academic year is open for accepting positions through the Career Services CUHire job posting platform. This year the program will fund the wage at a higher rate of $15.50/hr + 4 per cent vacation for part-time work (five to 15hr/week) up to a maximum of 192 hours, for the fall/winter semester per student. Positions for CSALT will be in-person in the lab, following guidelines from Carleton University, public health and governmental regulations to ensure the health and safety of our community.

CSALT has been approved for 3 to 4 positions through the Work Study Program, and jobs will be open for approved students to view and apply to positions, as of September 7, 2022. Student eligibility requirements are available through the Awards and Financial Aid Office website - The application form for students to apply to the Work Study program will open on September 1, 2022, through Carleton Central under the Awards and Financial Assistance - Undergraduate Online Application Form. It is best for interested students to access the form early, early in the morning on September 1, 2022 as positions (distributed by Carleton) fill up quickly.

Selected students will work in the CSALT Lab in the Architecture Building overseeing general use of the lab area, assisting with social media, running educational seminars regarding the lab and engaging in experiential materiality and research projects. In 2022/23 these include work to find sustainable alternatives to typical concrete mixes to offset the negative impact that the creation of Portland Cement has on the environment, as well as concepts surrounding DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly). We are looking for students with an interest in materials, hands-on learning, 3D printing, coding and 3D modelling software.

Pay: $3100 for the year as per Work Study

(15.50/hr + vacation pay)

We will build an interdisciplinary team from Architecture, Industrial Design, Computer and Software Engineering and other programs to work together with our research teams.


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