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CSALT hires 2 Graduate Research Assistants!

Professor Sheryl Boyle has received a National Sciences and Engineering Research Development Grant from CORIS (Carleton Office for Research Initiatives and Services) for her project entitled "Developing Hemp Hybrid Wall Structural Insulated Panels for Carbon Neutral Construction using Large Scale 3-D printing". The funds has allowed the lab to hire two graduate Research Assistants (RA's) starting in September.

Rachel Rodd will join the CSALT team as our Lab Designer and oversee the research for our upcoming equipment purchases and their integration into the CSALT spaces. This will include work with our research partners in the hemp/cellulose upcoming project.

Shawn Duval will join the CSALT team as our Lab Manager and work closely with Rachel to manage the lab spaces, materials, access to equipment, deliveries and our online presence.

These students will join Ben Hayward and Jesse Bird who will act as Project and Design managers for our upcoming hemp/cellulose project with Prosperium Global Solutions and Zeoform.

We look forward to expanding the team with our two upcoming Undergraduate student positions which we have received approval for through the Carleton University Work Study Program. These positions will be hired in early September. For details see:

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