Research Collective



Associate Professor and CSALT Director

Professor Boyle supervises immersive materials research in concrete, cellulose, building lime, historic pigments and construction systems that participate in  circular economies and pathways through her teaching and research activities. She is a member of the Concordia Centre for Sensory Studies and an advocate for sensory design and hands-on learning in architecture. She is currently completing a two-year MITACS grant with industry partner, the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) which supports three student interns at CSALT to develop 3D printing technologies and experiment with Ultra-High Performance concrete in an iterative design process through research and workshops. In 2021 she completed two MITACS Accelerate Grants; one with Robin Papp and Hurd Solutions (Ottawa) developing sustainable hemp building products, and a second with Jesse Bird and Zeoform IP Pty to research architectural solutions using Nano/Microfibrillated Cellulose (NMFC). 

Professor Boyle was a part of the Interdisciplinary Sustainable Communities Research Cluster funded through Carleton's Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund in 2019. She was also an investigator on the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research project which included funding from Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund, Urbandale Construction and many local sponsors. She is a strong advocate for healthy materials in design and construction, resilience, circular thinking and endorses a hands-on approach to learning through making.