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CSALT Materials Library

CSALT Materials display case at the entrance of the architecture building at Carleton University

4. Hemp-lime

Hemp-lime with biochar block with magnesium binder by Robin Papp as part of his Mitacs research

5. Ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon used in a steelmaking process

6. Slag

A byproduct of steel-making is used to offset the quantity of Portland cement in concrete

1. Hydrocal Cast

Hydrocal cast of fabric using fibre reinforcements

2. Block of Maple

Recycled block of maple for context model

3. Soapstone

Heat retaining soap stone block

7. Prototype

Sculpted prototype for vessel used in glass production in the CSALT kiln

8. CSALT Poster

Poster of the most recent Instagram post @CSALTarchitecture

9. 3D Clay Print

3D printed clay vase prototype (unfired)

10. Sphere 3D print

Failed attempt at printing a two-part sphere (fired and glazed)

11. 3D Plastic Print

3D printed cellular structure to test our PLA printer

12. Aluminum Foam

Foamed aluminum lightweight panel

13. Raw Aluminum Pellets

Raw aluminum pellets

14. Aluminum 

Aluminum test plug from Chicoutimi

15. Glass Bottle

Roman style glass bottle made by a student at the Corning Museum of Glass workshops

16. Pyramid 3D Print Test

Failed test pyramid form (fired and glazed) for our Robotic Clay exhibition piece

17. Blue Glass Bottle

Blue glass bottle made at Corning Museum of Glass workshops in New York

18. Turmeric

Turmeric for natural pigments

19. Vase Prototype

3D printed vase prototype using the CSALT PLA printer

20. Marble

Hand-sculpted marble chess piece prototype for a chess board as part of a workshop course

21. Cone Incense

Traditional cone of incense from the German Apothecary Museum in Heidelberg

22. Oyster Shells

Oyster shells used to make lime putty

23. Zeoform block

Zeoform block made by Jesse Bird using nano- and micro- fibrillated recycled cellulose and water

24. Selection of FIbre-based Materials

Selection of natural fibre-based sheets, blocks and panels including papyrus, hemp, sawdust, wood strands, Zeoform etc.. and the CSALT apron made by Slade Solomon

25. Layered Earth and Recycled Bricks

Rammed earth with 7% portland cement using layered earth and recycled bricks

26. Sika Plastic Fibres

Block of acrylic holding Sika brand plastic fibres used in fibre-reinforced concrete products

27. Sample Tile for Quilt Wall Project

Sample tile by Stephanie Murray using water-based transfer to plaster cast for the CSALT-led Quilt Wall project

28. Willow Twigs

Jar of willow twigs carved and ready to be turned into charcoal pencils in the fire in a sealed vessel

29. Decorative Wood Panel

Tools and fragments of a beautiful decorative wood panel recovered in the Byward Market revealing traces of its manufacture

30. Plaster Cast Test

Test of a plaster cast monster using fabric made by Jesse Rafaeiro as part of the Daedalic Exercises PhD course

31. Printed Brick

Failed attempt at printing and glazing a brick for the Robotic Clay exhibition wall. Open for viewing in Room 208

32. Concrete Chair Prototype

Prototype of ideas for using 3D printing and casting to create a concrete chair by Sinan Husic as part of his Master's thesis

33. Bubble Material Plaster Casting

Testing of bubble material surfaces in casting plaster

34. Black Ink

Three viles of black ink recreated from a 14th century recipe by Cennino Cennini by Justin Yan as part of Daedalic Exercises

35. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles behind green glass pellets for layering onto clear glass

36. Crushed Glass

Crushed glass for painting onto stained glass

37. Beebole Tile

Beebole tile hand-formed using wild clay harvested from our garden by Ju Huang as part of her Master's thesis

38. 3D Clay Print Prototype

Small 3D printed prototype of the Robotic Clay wall (actual size is 1m x 1m) by Catalin Bacalu

39. Prototype for Topology Optimization Center

Full-scale prototype of one piece of the topology optimization center with imperfections on the seams by Adonis Lau, Catalin Bacalu and Meaghan Dickson

40. Clay Print

Clay prints using natural materials by George Gilouris-Tsivikas and Shela Lamug

41. Robotic Clay Exhibition

Canadian Clay & Glass Museum from our participation in the Robotic Clay exhibition

42. Samples of 3D Printed Clay

Samples of 3D printed clay using various toolpath options

43. Printing High Ultra Performance Concrete

First attempt at 3D printing Ultra-High Performance concrete (UHPC with fibre reinforcements) with a tuft of goat hair and raw sheep wool used in traditional building stuffed in top

44. Printing Nozzles

Nozzles for our 3D Potter Scara V4 3D printer

45. UHPC Printing Attempt

Failed attempt at printing UHPC showing too much slump

46. Glazing on Wild Clay

Various tests of glazing on wild clay by Ju Huang

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