Carleton Sensory Architecture and Liminal Technologies Laboratory



Materials and Making


Qualitative as well as quantitative properties of material are explored at the source by the CSALT team.  Our lab includes a rich and extensive library of raw materials from historic to ultra-contemporary.  The future can learn from the past, and we believe that each and every artisan has much to teach us in terms of material, craft and cultural knowledge.


Our team at CSALT understands the importance of building to achieve deep learning.  Students are encouraged to build full-scale and explore with new fabrication technologies and materials. CSALT supports these initiatives with expertise, equipment and assistance.  Full-scale prototypes allow for testing of assemblies, materials, structural systems and finishes and open up new ways to build.


Making and Knowing Experiments are at the heart of our philosophy of research at CSALT. We believe that engagement in craft opens knowledge far beyond "know-how" to "knowing-through." Building upon the ancient Greek concept of technê which acknowledged a special kind of epistêmê in craftmanship, we aim to understand ideas and concepts by making them as well as reading about them.


As we imagine historical spaces or emerging concepts, it is critical to consider the full sensory experience while conceiving and constructing. Architecture is not an image - it is experienced by the senses by those who live it and those who create it. Sensory design and (re)construction engages researchers at CSALT to imagine and represent the sensory atmosphere of design and imagination.


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