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Sheryl Boyle, PhD

Associate Professor and CSALT Director

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Professor Boyle is Director of the Carleton Sensory Architecture & Liminal Technology lab where she supervises immersive materials research and innovative design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) processes, including work in concrete and lime, cellulose, historic pigments and construction systems that contribute to a circular economy. Her work brings processes of design together with materiality alongside both digital and manual fabrication in the sensory and experimental realm of research creation. Her recent research includes collaborations with ABB Robotics and ETH Zürich’s DFAB lab using industrial robotics in the assembly of prefabricated construction systems – a space where the digital space of code meets the sensory realm of architecture and construction. Recently completed projects include a MITACS with Ottawa’s leading digitally-fabricated housing manufacturer, Advanced Building Innovation Company (ABIC) with Professor Jerry Hacker, an industry partnership with the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute using topology optimization software to reduce concrete use in structures. In 2022/23 her CSALT lab employed a team of 7 students who collaborated on a project using robots to 3D print clay in a topology optimized form for the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery “Robotic Clay” exhibit currently on display in Waterloo, Ontario. Sheryl is a member of the Concordia Centre for Sensory Studies and completed her PhD in Sensory Studies at Concordia University entitled “Fragrant Walls and the Table of Delight: Sensory (re)construction as a Way of Knowing, the case of Thornbury Castle.” This research creation dissertation details a process for knowing through multi-modal “making” reconstruction exercises across disciplines including cooking, carpentry, confection and code.


Adonis Lau

Team Leader and Research Assistant 2022-present

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Adonis joined CSALT in Fall 2022 during the fourth year of his BAS and serves as one of two team leaders in the lab as he begins his Master of Architecture. Throughout the summer of 2023 he has become the DfMA and coding leader in the lab under the guidance of Philippe Fleischmann from ETH Zürich who has joined CSALT to jump-start our robotics project during his a 3-month sabbatical. Adonis has flourished working in the hybrid space of digital design and fabrication while also learning from instructional sessions led by ABB Robotics over the summer. He also has experience in institutional and community focused architecture and brings this experience to the projects at CSALT. His software experience using Grasshopper, Python and COMPAS_RRC to automate workflows and his experience in a wide range of design software are strong contributions to the research team. At CSALT he is interested in how emerging digital technologies play a role in design and is using the tools in the lab to explore these interests, including the two new ABB GoFa CRB 15000 collaborative robots. ​ His passion for ‘making’ is also visible in a series of side projects that push the limits of software and hardware at the lab to create new merchandise for CSALT.


Catalin Bacalu

Team Leader and Research Assistant 2022-present

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Catalin became a member of CSALT in Fall 2022 while in his final year of the Bachelors of Architecture Studies (BAS) in the design stream at Carleton and continues as one of the team leads for the 2023/24 year. Over the summer of 2023, Catalin also participated in the CSALT Robotics project under the guidance and expertise of Philippe Fleischmann from ETH-Zurich. Catalin has become the hardware and tooling lead for the robots while also working with COMPASS_RRC in DfMA workflows. With previous experience in the construction industry and in technical applications of fabrication software and hardware in architecture, Catalin is an essential member and contributor to the research at CSALT. In addition, his in-depth experience with 3D printing technology contributes to the development of the many projects at the lab in both architecture and engineering.


Philippe Fleischmann

CSALT Collaborator

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Since 2016, Philippe has been a member of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, Switzerland's initiative to lead the development and integration of digital technologies in the fields of architecture and construction. At ETH Zürich, he serves as the Head of Industrial Robotics and Automation in the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory and supports the development of innovative processes and technologies through his collaboration with and contribution to various research teams and projects. CSALT hosted Philippe at Carleton University for his sabbatical, joining the team from June 1st to September 9th, 2023. At the lab, he shared his extensive knowledge gained from his time in the automation industry and researching at ETH Zürich. In addition to assisting with various projects in the Robotic Fabrication Lab, such as Semiramis, Concrete Choreography, and DFAB House, he leads the development of COMPAS_RRC, a software package developed to control ABB industrial robots. COMPAS_RRC contributes to the open-source Python based COMPAS framework, which was supported by the NCCR Digital Fabrication initiative and developed by Block Research Group for computation in architecture, structure, and digital fabrication. With the philosophy of COMPAS (don’t repeat yourself or others, share your work, and collaborate), Philippe helped the CSALT team implement their first ABB collaborative robots and developed three example processes: 2D drawing, tower stacking, and wall building, which will be used as templates for future teaching aids.


Casey Casemore

Team Leader and Research Assistant 2023-present

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Casey joined CSALT in the summer of 2023, prior to starting her thesis year of the MArch1 program under the supervision of Professor Sheryl Boyle. She completed her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta, and was working in manufacturing in Calgary for 4 years before moving to Ottawa in 2021 to complete her Master of Architecture. She enjoys working between the disciplines, and is exploring design-for-manufacture principles with the materiality of wood and natural landscapes in the context of cabin architecture for her thesis. Casey is eager to apply her hands-on knowledge with product development and digital fabrication to CSALT's research on the application of robotics in the construction industry and in the creation of complex precast concrete formwork.

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Sama Nagib

Research assistant

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Sama joined CSALT in Fall 2023 as a research assistant during her final year in BAS. With a background in fine arts, she enjoys integrating and exploring with different materials. She is particularly intruiged by clay explorations and the malleability and flexibility of the material. In her free time she enjoys painting, reading, cooking, and biking.


Aram Payroveolia

Research assistant

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Aram joined CSALT in the fall of 2023 as a Research Assistant during her fourth year of BAS studies after finishing her coop year. She is majoring in Conservation and Sustainability in her undergraduate degree, which fueled her passion for nuanced sustainable design and construction methods. Aram says: “Architecture is a great passion of mine in which life, time, culture, technology, and science come together to create a unique piece of spatial and tangible art.” She plans to pursue a master’s degree in architecture and hopes to practice in the emerging field of Space Architecture afterwards.


Novaya Politra

Research assistant

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Novaya became a part of the team during her undergrad in Fall 2023. As an architecture student, she is constantly experimenting and pursuing experiences that help her broaden her understanding of this vastly interdisciplinary field. She brings in her previous knowledge on wood prefabrication construction, residential design, and landscape architecture from her time working in Toronto. For Novaya, being at CSALT means exploring the intersection of the analog craft and digital design.


Oshan Tan

Research assistant

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Oshan Tan recently joined CSALT in Fall 2023 as a Research Assistant. Originally from Calgary, she is a third-year BAS in the Design stream. She is interested in exploring the limitations of parametric designs when working with different textures and materials and how they can be adapted and optimized for a wider array of real-world applications. Oshan enjoys crochet, cross-stitching, and animation in her free time.


Najah Islam

Research assistant

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Najah Islam, an industrial design student at Carleton University. She is currently working as a research assistant in CSALT research lab. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in design is marked by a commitment to innovation and a deep passion for exploring the intersection of form and function. Najah engages in meaningful projects, and contributes to the future of industrial design. Her journey exemplifies her dedication to shaping a more innovative, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing world through the marriage of creative vision and cutting-edge design theory and technology.


Casey Pantaleon

Research assistant

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Casey joined CSALT in fall 2023 as a lab assistant during her 2nd year BAS in the design stream. She is interested in the exploration of fabrication techniques and enjoys learning through hands-on experience. With a growing background in architectural technology, Casey aspires to continue exploring all facets of design, as she believes that each discipling holds valuable lessons to be learned.


Meaghan Dickson

Concrete Studio Intern & Team Leader 2022/23

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Meaghan joined the CSALT lab as a research assistant in Fall 2022. Funded by the Concrete Studio program through the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute, she was a major contributor to the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery exhibition piece by the CSALT collaborative which focuses on 3D printed architectural ceramics. Research and development from this project has informed future trajectories in topology optimization (using the Rhino plug-in tOpos) for concrete printed walls. Meaghan is currently working at Luce et Studio in San Diego California after completing her B.A.S. Her work experience in the public and private sector combined with her research experience in retrofit solutions for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) at McGill University and at Carleton provides a unique position for her as she enters practice at the intersection of analog and digital craft; looking at the functional applications of emerging technologies as well as the sensory quality of material properties.

Carleton headshot.jpg

Jerry Hacker

Research Faculty

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A registered architect (OAA), Jerry is lucky: For 15 years he helped all kinds of ambitious people build incredible award winning stuff. What kind of stuff? Libraries, zoos, housing, public spaces, coffee shops: All kinds of stuff. Before that he designed and built industrial stuff. And furniture. Jerry is also suspicious of ideas that place too much emphasis on a particular future narrative, opposed to trying to understand a particular point in time while simultaneously recognizing there are many more complex (and often unanticipated) acts to follow in the play. This is part of the reason he founded the architectural practice hACT, where he is still trying to find a way to help people build (responsible and anticipatory) stuff, while also trying to teach aspiring (and inspiring!) future architects. Through all of this practice, Jerry developed a deep respect for the comprehensive and necessary interface between design intention, architectural technology, construction and environmental stewardship: A fertile ground where theory informs practice and practice informs theory. He hopes to do even more of this kind of stuff in the CSALT lab.


Ju Huang

Research Associate 2022/23

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Ju joined the CSALT lab in the Fall of 2022 while in her thesis year of the MArch program under the supervision of Professor Boyle. Her work on the sensorial qualities of craft processes and the relationship between making, feeling and thinking culminated in an extra-ordinary thesis and an exemplary contribution to CSALT's collaborative project for the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery exhibition entitled Robotic Clay on display at the CCGG until 10 September. Ju explored natural materials such as wild clay and plant fibres in her poetic thesis work. Her intuitive research processes were guided by her hands-on knowledge working with physical materials and digital design combined with her professional experience as a pharmacist.


Lisa Moffitt

Research Faculty

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Lisa is an Associate Professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. Her design, research and teaching question how architecture materially alters, impacts, and constructs new environments in light of climate change. Lisa founded her design practice, Studio Moffitt, in 2008 after working as Senior Designer at PLANT Architect, Inc. in Toronto and offices specializing in affordable housing and straw-bale construction in California. She has worked on a range award-winning projects including the Governor’s General Award of Excellence-winner Nathan Phillips Square Redevelopment Project and the Ontario Association of Architect’s first sustainable exemplar, the design-build, off-grid House on Limekiln Line. Lisa completed a PhD Architecture by Design exploring the use of physical environmental models such as wind tunnels, water tables, and filling tanks—which simulate airflow—as multi-scalar passive design tools. These devices enable exploration of a range of concerns about building environmental mediation, including thermal comfort, flow visualisation practices, and passive and hybrid climate control strategies in buildings. She also works with materials such as salt, sand, plaster, steel, and graphite, to question the role of authorship in the formation of complex material systems as they weather and change over time. She has published widely on these topics, including in Landscape Research, Technology | Architecture + Design, Journal of Landscape Architecture, Architectural Research Quarterly, and Architecture and Culture. She has recently completed a book titled Architecture’s Model Environments as part of UCL Press’s Design Research in Architecture series.


Corina Amarioarei

CSALT Research Intern 2022/23

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Corina worked on a research project with professors Sheryl Boyle and Jerry Hacker supported by the MITACS Accelerate program entitled Reimagining Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) for Housing in the Architectural Design Process, working with our industry partner Advanced Building Innovation Company (ABIC), Ottawa's leading-edge automated housing manufacturer. Our project examines the software and processes in DfMA in the construction industry and its intersection with standard architectural design processes. The work identified opportunities in DfMA workflows that can inform new design education processes and the construction/fabrication sectors related to housing.

Jeffrey Erochko headshot.jpg

Jeffrey Erochko

Research Faculty

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Professor Erochko conducts design and testing research in building material assemblies with an emphasis on wood and timber and hybrid assemblies of wood/steel and wood/concrete. He leads the Erochko Research Group whose projects include seismic-resistant systems for timber buildings, passive damping and isolation strategies for retrofits and new design, as well as new and innovative hybrid modelling and simulation testing techniques for structures. Hybrid simulation is a newly emerging testing technique that combines the strengths of analytical modelling and experimental testing to analyze the response of a complete structural system. Jeff is a member of the MITACS funded project: Design Development for Prefabricated Building Components using Nano/Microfibrillated Cellulose. He joins Professor Boyle as part of the Interdisciplinary Sustainable Communities Research Cluster funded through Carleton's Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund in 2019. Jeff is also an innovative educator and runs a YouTube channel called The Civil Professor.

Connor Tamborro_edited.jpg

Connor Tamborro

Teaching Assistant 2022/23

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Connor has completed his thesis at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism on “slow” design processes and methods of making. He joined the CSALT team in September 2022 as a Teaching Assistant and has assisted the Research Team at CSALT with the 3D printing process on the Scara V4 printer in the lab. In support of the concrete explorations led by Professor Lisa Moffit in the Gateway Studio of the Masters of Architecture program at ASAU, Connor taught workshops that included fabrication techniques of 3D printing and casting including digital design and concrete and clay fabrication.


George Gialouris-Tsivikas

Research Assistant 2022/23

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George joined CSALT as a Research Assistant in Fall 2022. His work in the Fibres Lab was a poetic confluence of materiality and machine. He is interested in unconventional workflows and processes, and is working towards creating experiential art and architecture that bridges sensorial gaps. Specifically, he is looking into the Cradle-to-Cradle material cycle and how it can be applied to various scales. Currently, George is on a work term in Europe but we hope to have him back at Carleton soon running around the school, working on studio, or on one of the many clubs he’s involved with.


Shela Lamug

Research Assistant 2022/23

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Shela joined CSALT in Fall 2022 as a research assistant during her 3rd year BAS in the Urbanism stream. She interested in the complexity of the pathways from digital to physical models using 3D printing and is currently experimenting with unconventional materials and their consistencies. Shela is currently on a Coop work term in Ottawa building upon her previous work experience in project management and is accredited with LEED GA. In her free time she is a local foodie and a concert enthusiast.


Slade Solomon

Research Assistant 2022/23

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Slade joined CSALT in Fall 2022 as a Research Assistant. He is a third-year BAS student in the Conservation and Sustainability stream, and is currently on a coop semester in the profession. While at CSALT, he experimented with different textures, materiality, and organic forms in the Fibres Lab. He is interested in exploring innovative and sustainable alternatives in contrast to traditional building techniques and systems. In his free time, Slade feeds his caffeine addiction and eats good food. He also paints and draws, with a focus on tropical scenery and Caribbean cultural landscapes.


Johan Voordouw

Research Faculty

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Professor Voordouw has supervised research in digital fabrication, new media, construction systems while dealing with critical issues of representation of the digital. Johan is an Associate Professor and Associate Director Undergraduate at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism. He has professional practice experience in Canada, the Netherlands and United Kingdom working on large-scale commercial and housing projects. In Ottawa he worked with community partners in a series of high-profile design building projects. His research work has been published and exhibited extensively in Canada, the United States and in Europe. His exploratory work in materiality and fabrication is a key contribution to the CSALT Collective.

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Mahsa Ismailpour

Research Associate 2022/23

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Mahsa is currently pursuing a post-professional Master of Architectural Studies and holds both a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Islamic Azad University. Mahsa is the CSALT in-house digital software expert in Rhino, Grasshopper and Python and has ran tutorials for the CSALT team in 2022. Her current research interest are grounded in biomimicry and digital fabrication, with a particular interest in mycellium growth on 3D printed scaffolds.

Thomas Tello.jpg

Thomas Tello

I-CUREUS Lab Assistant

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Thomas Tello is a third-year student in the BAS at Carleton University, currently away on a co-op placement. He participated in our robotics in architecture research project at CSALT funded through the lab in partnership with the Internship - Carleton Undergraduate Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (I-CUREUS) program offered by the Discovery Center. Thomas remains immersed in the material and fabrication research projects at CSALT and is currently working in the stone-milling Robot Lab alongside Kristine Prochnau at CIMS (Carleton Immersive Media Studio).


Stephanie Murray

Concrete Studio Intern 2021

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Stephanie completed her post-professional Master of Architectural Studies and holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an M.Arch degree. She is now entering the Humanities PhD program at Concordia University in Montreal. Prior to her career in architecture, her creative practice centred on site specific mixed media installations comprised of porcelain, cloth, wax, paper, acrylic and ink. These constellations of media created forms that were simultaneously entropic and thriving, and negotiated the space between site and body. After finishing her degree in Fine Arts, she moved to Whitehorse, Yukon, where she worked for LuMel Studios, Northern Front Studio and Kobayashi + Zedda Architects, while continuing her art practice. Her current research interest are grounded in representations of site that generate identity and spatial narratives. Her work probes at the thresholds of ethical imaginaries through acts of making while looking at questions of authorship, inherited practices and more than human actors. Stephanie's work at CSALT was funded through Professor Boyle's CPCI Mitacs. Her work included offering student workshops focused on casting and concrete exploration over the 2021/22 year, and later included serving as advisor for the CSALT team in the Robotic Clay exhibition.


Jamie Wong

Concrete Studio Intern & Lab Assistant 2019/21

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Jamie was one of two new MITACS-funded Interns who built upon the work of Sinan Husic in 3D printing of cementitious materials, formwork and other innovative construction systems. He worked at CSALT as an undergrad student in 2019/20 and took the lead as operator of the 3D Clay printer, learning software including Simplify3D and educating other lab assistants and students over the two semesters. Interested in the potential of 3D printing, Jamie has led experiments and has assisted other students in exploring the architectural and sculptural properties of efficient yet aesthetically pleasing building components.

Isabel Sales.jpg

Isabel Sales

Lab Assistant 2021/22

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Isabel worked at CSALT as a second-year undergrad student in architecture, majoring in conservation and sustainability, minoring in heritage conservation. She states "I am a curious and ambitious student pursuing my personal architectural investigations, I'm here at the CSALT lab continuing to expand my understanding of advancing materials, building technologies, and techniques and how they affect greater contexts."

Jonathan Robitaille.jpg

Jonathan Robitaille

Lab Assistant 2021/22

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Jonathan Robitaille worked at CSALT during his fourth-year of the BAS at Carleton University and led the research project on robotics in architecture and the construction field and the initial schematic design of our future robot lab. He brought his experience in wood construction to the team building upon his previously completed architectural technologist diploma from Calgary, Alberta.

Jesse Bird.png

Jesse Bird

CSALT Cellulose Research & Design 2018/21

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Jesse Bird completed his Master of Architecture in April 2020 completing his thesis entitled Building the Paper Economy: Finding spatial and cultural agency through recycled paper with Professor Boyle. His interests lie at the intersection of sustainable building technologies and alternative models for waste recovery, topics he has explored in Australia, Brazil, and Canada. Jesse completed a Mitacs funded research grant with Professor Boyle that explores the use of nano/micro fibrillated cellulose from industrial hemp and recycled cardboard as a sustainable alternative building material and is now a partner at Zeoform in Australia.

Sinan for CSALT.jpg

Sinan Husic

CSALT Research Intern 2020/21

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Sinan Husic graduated from the Master of Architecture program with his thesis entitled Thinking and Making - Digital Craft Hybridity with Professor Boyle. He also worked as a contract instructor in the School of Architecture with a graduate studio. Sinan led the 3D printing lab at CSALT where he developed new recipes for 3D printing UHPC and innovative 3D printing of formwork for concrete. Sinan's research was funded through a Mitacs Accelerate grant supported by the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI). His interest rests in the intersection of digital and analogue craft and recently published and presented on the topic with Professor Boyle at the ACSA 110th Annual Meeting conference: EMPOWER.

Robin for CSALT.jpg

Robin Papp

CSALT Research Intern 2020/21

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Robin Papp graduated with his Master of Architecture in 2021, completing his thesis entitled Embracing the Air - The Sensory Experience of Hemp-Lime Architecture with Professor Boyle. His research in innovative hemp building products, in particular hemp boards and blocks was funded through a Mitacs Accelerate grant with Hurd Solutions. He is now working in the architectural profession.

Ben Hayward.png

Ben Hayward

Digital Design & Fabrication Researcher 2017/21

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Ben Hayward graduated in 2021 with his Master of Architecture. He was the recipient of a 2017 Carleton University Research Opportunity grant initiated by Professors Boyle and Voordouw which he used to fund full-scale construction of his Solar Thermal Tiny House in 2017. The project aired on HGTV's series Tiny House Big Living as the show Futuristic Funky Tiny (Season 8, Episode 14) documenting Ben's innovative design and fabrication project from start to finish. The project is the second tiny house for Ben building on his first private work called the Hobbit House which had over a million hits on social media. Ben's work explores healthy materials, digital design & fabrication and curvilinear wood forms. Follow Ben on Twitter at @bengrh and on Instagram at haywardben.


Najeed Muhammad Razeq

Lab Assistant 2019/20

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Najeeb was a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at Carleton University with a keen interest in sustainable design, biomaterials and 3D printing fabrication technologies. Najeeb's combination of engineering problem solving, creative thinking and practical experience made him an invaluable asset for CSALT. His 4th year project was the design and development of a biomass reactor to convert biomass residue from a greenhouse into a useful high-value bioproducts, essentially making the greenhouse a closed stand–alone system.

Shirley Chung.jpg

Shirley Chung

Lab Assistant 2019/21

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Shirley is an undergraduate student in architecture and worked as CSALT daily operations manager in 2019/20. Her deep curiosity in materials and their sensory properties brought her to the lab. She is interested in how materials can reveal stories of a place and affect users in their interactions with that space.

Walter Fu CSALT.jpg

Walter Fu

3D Printer Research Assistant 2019

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Walter Fu was a Research Assistant at CSALT in 2019 and was instrumental (together with Moe Zalat) in completing the first successful concrete extrusion from our prototype XL3Dprinter which was built from scratch and powered by Arduino. Walter's work at CSALT was funded by a National Sciences and Engineering Research Development Grant through Professor Boyle.

Mina Morcos CSALT headshot.png

Mina Morcos

CSALT Materials Lab Assistant 2018/20

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Mina Morcos brought his expertise from Carleton's excellent Industrial Design program to the CSALT Lab. He assisted in the design and construction of our large format 3-D printer and materials lab construction project.


Ally Pareira-Edwards

CSALT Teaching Assistant 2019

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Ally Pereira-Edwards completed her masters degree at Carleton and was a part of the team who explored clay printing with our first 3D Potter clay 3D printer while assisting students in the CPCI Concrete Studio mix and pour UHPC. She received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba in 2017 and later worked in product development at Canadian furniture company EQ3. In her role as product developer, she worked closely with modelling software and manufacturers to produce an array of products.


Moe Zalat

Research Assistant 2019

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Moe Zalat joined us from Systems and Computer Engineering with his unique blend of creative thinking for hardware and software including work on a FDM 3D printer. Moe was the recipient of an NSERC Undergraduate Research Student Award (Summer 2018) working with algorithms to reconstruct and extract a 3D object mesh using a fixed RGB-d sensor and a robotic arm to manipulate the object. Moe's work was funded through Professor Boyle's CU-NSE development grant. He led the coding project on the large format 3D printer through to our first successful print in the spring of 2019.

Justin Yan.png

Justin Yan

Research Associate 2019

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Justin joined CSALT as Research Associate for the "Sustainable Communities: Food Security, Housing, and Social Interaction" Interdisciplinary Research Cluster with Professors Boyle and Colbert from architecture and our interdisciplinary team across Carleton from biology, geography and environmental studies, engineering, chemistry, psychology, food studies, communications and political science. ​ His work involved conducting a literature review of current sustainable food production, urban and building design, and social wellness practices in Canada, with a focus on benefiting remote communities. He worked to define project scope through academic, private, and public sector networking. ​ Justin was the 2019 winner of the Maxwell Taylor Prize for incorporating building technologies into his master's thesis entitled The Sacrificial Layer: Temporality, Decay and Re-Imaginations of the Rainscreen supervised by Professor Boyle. He was also the 2018 winner of the prestigious American Institute of Architects Top Ten Student Award from the Committee of the Environment. His research in sustainable materials and prefabricated construction systems were highlighted by the international jury. See his work online at TOP TEN 2018.

Rebecca Robinson CSALT headshot.jpg

Rebecca Robinson

CSALT Materials and Lab Assistant 2018/19

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Rebecca Robinson joined us from Carleton's biomedical and mechanical engineering program. Her work included research for our large scale 3-D printing lab. She performed early testing on torrefaction for construction materials and assisted with equipment sourcing and design implementation.


Rachel Rodd

Graduate Research Assistant, CSALT Lab Design 2018

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Rachel joined the CSALT team in Fall 2018 as Lab Designer in charge of expanding the equipment available in the CSALT basement lab, including our new kiln, large format 3-D concrete printer, vacuum oven and overall lab mechanical and electrical requirements. Rachel successfully defended her Masters Thesis entitled The Flood Tower Network: A Warning System for St.Lawrence Riparians in the spring of 2019 with Professor Boyle. At CSALT, she was funded by a National Sciences and Engineering Research Development Grant through Professor Boyle.

Shawn Duval headshot.jpg

Shawn Duval

Graduate Research Assistant, CSALT Lab Manager 2018

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Shawn joined the CSALT team in Fall 2018 as Lab Manager overseeing daily lab activities, equipment research, and lab design visualization. He led the early research on thermal modification of cellulose with Rebecca feeding into Jesse Bird's MITACS project. Shawn successfully defended his Masters Thesis in the spring of 2019 entitled Pathfinding: A Study of Place along the Prescott-Russell Trail with Professor Boyle. His work at CSALT was funded by a National Sciences and Engineering Research Development Grant through Professor Boyle.

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