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Adonis Lau

Team Lead and Research Assistant 2022-present

Adonis joined CSALT in Fall 2022 during the fourth year of his BAS and serves as one of two team leaders in the lab as he begins his Master of Architecture. Throughout the summer of 2023 he has become the DfMA and coding leader in the lab under the guidance of Philippe Fleischmann from ETH Zürich who has joined CSALT to jump-start our robotics project during his a 3-month sabbatical. Adonis has flourished working in the hybrid space of digital design and fabrication while also learning from instructional sessions led by ABB Robotics over the summer. He also has experience in institutional and community focused architecture and brings this experience to the projects at CSALT. His software experience using Grasshopper, Python and COMPAS_RRC to automate workflows and his experience in a wide range of design software are strong contributions to the research team. At CSALT he is interested in how emerging digital technologies play a role in design and is using the tools in the lab to explore these interests, including the two new ABB GoFa CRB 15000 collaborative robots.

His passion for ‘making’ is also visible in a series of side projects that push the limits of software and hardware at the lab to create new merchandise for CSALT.

Adonis Lau
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