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Professor Boyle Awarded 22/23 Concrete Studio Grant

The Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute has extended its support to Professor Boyle in the 2022/23 Academic Year with their "Concrete Studio" grant to support projects exploring precast concrete. The grant will support student research led by Meaghan Dickson and supported by Adonis Lau and Catalin Bacalu (all 4th year students) to examine DFMA concepts (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly).

The research trajectory builds upon the work done to establish the lab and equipment, software and skill sets of students and is focused on how architects will be involved in DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly). This disconected collection of software begins in the design phase and continues through to manufacturing, and this work will look particularly at the software chain of manufacturing using 3D printing.

Topology optimization as an engineering tool is rarely applied in the architectural design process. This research will work with topology optimized models to 3D print wall structures as a topographic “landscapes” with an aim of reducing the use of concrete in precast structures. We will continue the CSALT work on concrete recipes, lime/hemp and cast lime-crete surfaces as developed in prior Concrete Studios.

Research Output: (re)Thinking the wall


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